In 1959, the Indian philosopher P.R. Sarkar proposed the Proutist Economy (PROUT). This is an acronym for "Progressive Utilization Theory," a social system to replace capitalism and communism. The following are the main points

Humans have material, knowledge, and spiritual resources, and the balance between these three is important.

Man tries to pursue happiness infinitely, but material things cannot satisfy it forever. Material things cannot satisfy it forever, only the spirit that leads to infinity can.

Guarantee of the four basic rights of spiritual practice, cultural heritage, education, and native language expression.

Establishing a world federation for the unification of humanity.

Promote local self-sufficiency.

All things in the world, including land, are the common property of mankind. The authority to manage and operate them should be given to people with high spirituality and appropriate abilities.

All people in the world should be able to enjoy the necessities of life such as food, medical care, education, and housing.

The complete safety of all plants and animals on the earth should be guaranteed.

Scientific and technological progress is not the only thing that can make people happy. New inventions whose negative aspects are completely removed and adopted are complete progress for humanity, but if they cannot be removed, they will not be adopted.