The skills acquired through repetition are used to embody intuition, and something is completed. There is a quality to what is completed. In order to create something of high quality, it is fundamental for one person to put it together. When a single person is able to select and put together a few pieces from a myriad of materials, the result is a lean product with a single personality from corner to corner. If the members of the band were to simply write a song together, their personalities would clash, so the representative would put the song together. If one painter draws the eyes and a different painter draws the mouth on the same piece of paper, you will end up with an uncoordinated portrait.

When two people work on something together, the basic relationship is that one person organizes the work while the other person generously offers his or her abilities and ideas to help the other person make more choices. This relationship remains the same even if the number of people increases. In other words, as long as the person who organizes is competent and experienced, everything will be fine. Most of the time, problems occur when the person organizing is not competent enough, when the direction is not clear, and when the people around him or her interfere too much.