Haji is said to be a clan involved in the construction of burial mounds and funeral rituals from around 400 to 550, from Izumo (around Shimane Prefecture) to Yamato (Nara Prefecture). Haji's ancestor was Nomi no Sukune, and he was ordered by Emperor Suinin to have Taima no Kehaya and Sumo. It is said that he took sumo (sumo), won it, was given the surname of Haji no Sukune, and invented Haniwa.
In the creation myth of the Nihon Shoki, where the names of Nomi no Sukune and Haji Uji appear, "Emptiness" is described as chaos like a chicken egg, and each country It was similar to the creation myth.

A tool called a flea used to process the stone material in the stone chamber of an old burial mound is said to be related to Nomi no Sukune.

There is a picture of a megalith being carried using a sled called Shura, but Shura is found in the Mitsuzuka Kofun in Fujiidera City, Osaka Prefecture.