Around this time, Aboriginal ancestors arrive in Australia through Southeast Asia.

The Yolngu tribe of Aborigines has a ritual to express myths by dancing, and since a male dancer has two special sticks that symbolize the rainbow serpent, he worships two snakes = Emptiness as a god. The conclusion.

Near Ayers Rock, which is famous in Australia, there are indigenous people called Anangu. They call Ayers Rock Uluru.

This Ayers Rock has a story of a rainbow-colored snake.

"There was a female python called Kuniya in Ayers Rock (Uluru). When Kuniya was about to hatch his eggs, he returned to the cave (Kuniya Biti) on the west side of Ayers Rock (Uluru) and was new. Waiting for the birth of a child. One day, Kukakuka, the nephew of Kuniya, was killed by a spear released by a male Lil, an ancestor of a poisonous snake. It was a commandment to break the law, but Kuniya who did not know it was After the fierce battle, Kuniya smashed Lil's head on the rock with a stick. He killed him, but was attacked by the poison released by Lil in the battle, and when he carried Kukakuka to the Mutijuru Fountain, he died and turned into a rainbow-colored snake called Wanambi. It is believed that the water is not withered. "

A rainbow serpent appears here as well, so it's a place where Emptiness is worshiped. There is also a megalith in Kata Tjuta near Ayers Rock (Uluru), and there is a myth that Wanambi lives on the top of this mountain and descends only during the dry season.


The area around Devils Marbles is located in Aboriginal land.


Aborigines in the area call this the sanctuary Karlu Karlu. Kaiteche, one of the Aboriginal tribes, believes the strange stones in Devils Marbles to be the eggs of a rainbow-colored snake. In other words, it is an egg of Emptiness and a space In the creation myth, the original "Emptiness" was described as chaotic like a chicken egg in the Nihon Shoki. There is a continuation of the Finnish mythology Kalewara, which states that the sky and the earth were formed from eggs. In other words, round megaliths and exquisitely balanced megaliths represent the original emptiness as an egg. There are other stone balls in Devils Marbles that stand in a perfect balance.