The Forbidden City is an old royal palace from 1368 in the Ming dynasty of successive Chinese dynasties to 1912 in the Qing dynasty.

In the Forbidden City, buildings and bridges are placed at the positions of the lines that appear when the two golden ratios are arranged vertically and horizontally.

You can also see the masonry of the notch.

The golden ratio vortex pattern on the walls of the stairs and the railings.

Lion statues on both sides of the Taiwamon. The vortex pattern of the hair is also a golden ratio.

The lion statue of the Forbidden City is holding a sphere with its front legs. The sphere is a space egg, which represents Emptiness.

The pattern of this sphere is the pattern of Flower of Life. It can also be found in the Ashurbanipal Temple in Iraq in 645 BC and in the Osiris Temple in Egypt.

The golden ratio vortex pattern of the turtle statue and other buildings in the Forbidden City.