Basically, the World Federation does not make prohibited rules for residents. Even if they do, there is no police to enforce them, and there are people who take pleasure in breaking them. In a normal life, we can find danger and addiction in various things, but instead of binding them with rules, we focus on education and understanding of self-responsibility instead.

For example, since we do not live in a monetary society, no one or organization will be able to make and sell large quantities of addictive cigarettes. However, there will be people who make their own cigarettes and share them with those around them. The local government and the world federation will compile information about the effects of tobacco on the body and share this knowledge with the local government. The local government and the world federation will compile information on how tobacco affects the body, and the local government will share this knowledge with the parents and the children, and the surrounding community will also share this knowledge. If someone still does it, they are free to do so at their own risk. If you want them to quit, it will be a discussion between the people around them and the town council.

However, if it is addictive like cigarettes, and many children start to smoke, and many people think it is a bad habit that spreads to the whole municipality, it is not a problem to discuss and make a rule to ban it in the town council to solve it as a problem of the whole municipality.