The golden ratio can also be seen at Yakushiji Temple, one of the seven major temples in Nanto.

The plan view of the Kondo of Yakushiji is just the size of the golden ratio. The width of the stairs is set to the size of the fourth golden ratio that can be created in it.

A vortex pattern of the golden ratio can also be seen on the halo of the Nikko Bosatsu in Kondo.

Onigawara in the 700s when Yakushiji was first built. There is a golden ratio vortex pattern.

Some onigawara from the Muromachi period in 1336 to the end of the Edo period in 1868 do not have a golden ratio.

The decoration on the head of the person depicted on the pedestal of Yakushi Nyorai is a fine whirlpool pattern.