Ice age hunting camps in Utah, North America, have found bird bones and tobacco seeds around 10,000 BC.

There is also evidence that Native Americans in northern Alabama in the United States smoked cigarettes on pipes around 1000 BC. Nicotine was detected in the pipe.

This pipe is called a sacred pipe and is called Calumet in the United States. Native Americans talk to the "Great Mystery" by smoking with a pipe. They believe that all of nature is under the "Great Mystery (the truth of the universe) " The conclusion was that the Great Spirit represents Emptiness in the Great Spirit. In other words, cigarettes and pipes are ritual tools dedicated to Emptiness. "

Native Americans are dominated by the Y-chromosome haplogroup Q. Q is said to have occurred near Iran around 20,000 BC.

Columbus, who set sail for India in 1492, landed in the Americas and named its indigenous people Indians. Around that time, Europeans Eventually, it got on the wave of mass production and became a cigarette. The first tobacco seeds were introduced to Japan in 1601 by Francisco members who visited Nagasaki Prefecture. In other words, the Japanese smoke tube, which is similar to a pipe, is a ritual tool that begins with Emptiness.

1800s pipes and later cigarettes from each country.