When you reach high quality long-term memory, you can move your body without thinking, and your mind becomes relaxed. As a result, your mind becomes more relaxed, and you are more likely to notice your intuition and come up with ideas. For example, let's take soccer as an example.

When a beginner stops the ball with his feet, his mind is occupied with stopping the ball, but an intermediate player stops the ball accurately after checking the situation around him. An intermediate player will check his surroundings before stopping the ball, and an advanced player will check his surroundings before stopping the ball. The more advanced players will check their surroundings, stop and pass one opponent on the first step towards the opponent's goal.

This is just one example, but the more advanced the basic skills of stopping the ball, the more leeway there is, and the more ideas that can be developed from a single skill. It also increases speed and accuracy. All advanced players have a high basic level, while beginners have a low basic level. There is a difference in the basic level between advanced students, and as a result, there is a difference in the applied skills, speed, judgment, and margin of error, which results in a different overall level.