The golden ratio can also be seen in the human body. In the human hand, in order from the fingertips, the distal phalanx (matsusetsukotsu), the middle phalanx (chusetsukotsu), the proximal phalanx (kisetsukotsu), the metacarpal bone (chushukotsu) The bones gradually increase from the distal phalanx to the wrist, but this is approximately the ratio of the golden ratio. For example, if the distal phalanx is 1, the adjacent intermediate phalanx is 1.618 times, which is the length of the golden ratio. Similarly, if the intermediate phalanx is 1, the next proximal phalanx will be longer at a rate of 1.618.

On the back of the hand, the length of the bone between the joints that was raised when the fingers were bent was measured. It is not perfect because there are differences in occupation and This ratio is not achieved when measured on the palm side This ratio is not achieved when measured on the palm side.

Ring finger
terminal phalanx 2.4 cm (1.618 times this is 3.88 cm) Metacarpal
bone 3.5 cm (1.618 times this is 5.66 cm) Proximal phalanx 5.3 cm (this 1.618 times is 8.57 cm
Metacarpal bone 10 cm

phalanx 2.5 cm (1.618 times this is 3.88 cm)
Middle phalanx 3.8 cm (1.618 times this is 6.14 cm) Proximal
phalanx 5.4 cm (this 1.618 times is 8.73 cm)
Metacarpal bone 10.5 cm

Index finger
distal phalanx 2.1 cm (1.618 times this is 3.39 cm)
Intermediate phalanx 3.1 cm (1.618 times this is 5.01 cm) Proximal
phalanx 5 cm (this 1.618 times is 8.09 cm)
Metacarpal bone 10.5 cm

Furthermore, the little finger and thumb are shorter than the other three, but the actual lengths measured are as follows. There were only numbers close to the golden ratio in these two.

Little finger
distal phalanx 2 cm (1.618 times this is 3.2 cm)
Intermediate phalanx 2.5 cm (this 1.618 times is 4.04 cm) Proximal
phalanx 4 cm (this 1.618 times is 6.47 cm)
Metacarpal bone 9 cm

end phalanx 3.2 cm (1.618 times this is 5.17 cm) Proximal phalanx 4.3 cm (this 1.618 times is 6.95 cm
Metacarpal bone 9 cm

The distance from the tip of the little finger to the wrist is 16 cm, and the distance from the thumb to the wrist is about 15 cm. Multiply this by the golden ratio of 1.618 to get 25.88 cm on the little finger side and 24.27 cm On the thumb side. Close to this number is the length of 26.5 cm from the wrist to the elbow. And when I measured from the elbow to the shoulder, it was about 34 cm. This is a close value of 32.36 cm when the length from the tip of the ring finger, middle finger, and human finger to the wrist is approximately 20 cm multiplied by 1.618.


Thus, from the fingertips of the hand to the shoulder, the length between the joints is related to the ratio of the golden ratio. In this way, the human body also incorporates the common design of the universe.