From about 100 to 940, the Kingdom of Aksum prospered in northeastern Ethiopia.

At the entrance to the catacombs of King Ramhai and his family in Aksum, you can also see the masonry of the incision.

At the top of the masonry with this notch, you can see a rectangular sculpture. This is the same design as Tanit's step.

There is an obelisk in Aksum, and here again there are gradual sculptures.

This obelisk is a megalith weighing 500 tons.

The masonry of the incision of King Caleb's underground tomb.

Lalibela, the southern city of Aksum. Here you will find a group of Ethiopian Orthodox churches made by hollowing out stones. The cross shape of the Giorgis church can also be seen in Tanit.

Tanit and the cross.
The design around the door of this building is the same as the steps of Aksum and Tanit.