In Prout Village, there is no need to lock the doors because material well-being will eliminate poverty and thus reduce crime, but the initial installation of locks will be left to the discretion of the residents. In the beginning, however, the installation of locks is left to the discretion of the residents, and when they move out, they leave their household goods behind for the next residents to use. In this way, anyone can live wherever they want, with whomever they want. Thus, children are free to live where they want.

If the residents want to renovate or build a new house, they should contact the design department. The design department will decide where to build the dome house in the area based on the circular layout. When the houses are built, there will be no fences or walls to indicate the area of the buildings, and they will be left open. All the buildings in the city will be designed on the premise that a person in a wheelchair can move around by himself. There should be no steps or gaps that would require someone's help. Stairs should also be long slopes or have elevators.

The location of local government roads, mountain trails, and buildings should be designed to give priority to the convenience of nature rather than human beings, so the design department should take the lead in designing the location of these items and leave large trees uncut. No traffic signals, road signs, fences, walls, guardrails, or asphalt will be used on the roads, and soil and grass will be used to give priority to nature. In this way, fallen leaves will be decomposed and nourished. However, there should be a dirt road wide enough for a large vehicle to pass through to the next municipality for rescue in case of a disaster. As a basic rule of road construction, it must be kept in mind that there should be no blind spots at intersections. Therefore, the municipality should avoid having buildings on all four corners from the beginning.

And we will not build roads in fields where cars do not pass, but allow people to walk freely on their own course, and since there will be no garbage in society, people will be able to walk barefoot everywhere. At night, the electric lights of houses and roads will glow, so all electric lights will be designed as lighting art to improve the landscape at night. However, lights in areas that do not have any influence on the improvement of the landscape will be turned on only when there is traffic using motion sensors, etc. At other times, they will be left in darkness so that the stars can be seen.

For rivers, the construction of concrete embankments should be avoided, and the natural landscape should be maintained. Therefore, the basic rule is not to build buildings in areas where heavy rains may cause rivers to overflow. By adhering to these restrictions, there will be only the minimum number of buildings and dirt roads on the ground, and the rest will be filled with nature and animals.

Internet and telephone connections for each household will be made from access points, but all communication cables, electric wires, and water supply will be buried underground to connect households to the control room (ICT, power, and water) of the operation center. Therefore, they will be buried beside the earthen road. Then, from the control room (ICT, electricity, and water) to the underground tunnel, we can connect to the whole world.