Hata no Kawakatsu is said to have worked as an aide to Prince Shotoku. The story of Hata no Kawakatsu being put in a jar during the babyhood, being swept away by the river and picked up by someone can be seen in the myths of other countries For example, Moses, Zeus, and Romulus in Rome were concluded to be symbols of Emptiness, but these also appear in the story of being swept away by the river, and the stories are similar.
Hata no Kawakatsu (Zenken Kojitsu)

・ During the time of Emperor Kinmei in Japanese mythology, the Hasegawa River in the upper reaches of the Yamato River in Nara Prefecture was flooded. At that time, there was a person who picked up a jar flowing down from the upstream near the torii gate There was a baby in the jar that was as beautiful as a ball. immediately reported this to the inside and outside because this was a person who had fallen from heaven, and in the dream of the emperor that night, there was a message that "I am the rebirth of Qin Shi Huang." .. Therefore, I decided to welcome the infant to the inside and raise it as a lord.As he grew up, he became very talented, so when he was fifteen, he gave him a "Hata" surname, read it as "Hada", and called it Hata no Kawakatsu. Became.

-Moses, the King of Egypt in the Old Testament book of Exodus, told
the Hebrew maternity to kill the Hebrew boy as soon as he was born and keep only the girl alive. Meanwhile, young Hebrew men and women got married. Both are from The Levi tribe, and eventually a boy was born between them. The child was raised in hiding for three months after birth, but eventually became unhidden and was washed away in a papyrus basket into the Nile. A princess who happened to be bathing picked him Up and entrusted the care to a Hebrew woman who was looking for him. Eventually the child grew up and was officially adopted by the princess's mansion. She was a child pulled out of the water, so the princess named her Moses (Hebrew for "pull" up ").

・ Sargon of Akkad Myth The
mother who gave birth to Sargon secretly put Sargon in a basket or a rush boat and let it flow into the river. Fortunately, she is picked up by the irrigator Aki and raised as a gardener . by Ishtar, and he walked the supremacy and conquered Dilmun.

-Twin children Romulus and Remus are born to Silvia and Mars, the war god, who were confined to the temple of Romulus (the first king of the Roman kingdom) in Roman mythology. However, his uncle Amulius orders the soldiers to kill the twins But the soldiers pity the young twins and put them in a basket and secretly flush them into the river. The spirit of the Tiberinus, Tiberinus, rescues the twins flowing through the river and entrusts them to a she- wolf who lives on the banks of the river. Eventually, the shepherd Faustulus found the twins and decided to consult with his wife Acca Larentia to take them over. His wife, Acca Larentia, was the goddess Ceres.

-At one point in the Mahabharata
of Indian mythology , Kunti satisfied Durvasa Sen, and Seisen taught her a spell to summon the gods. She summoned the sun god out of her curiosity. The sun god gave her her son, but she was afraid of The eyes of the people and threw her born child into the river. The child was picked up and raised by a coachman. That is the warrior Karna.

-Greek mythology Perseus
Zeus turned into a golden rain and sneaked in, and Danae gave birth to Perseus. Knowing this, her husband, King Acrisius of Argos, couldn't get her daughter and her girlfriend, so she locked them in a box and let them flow into the river. Danaë's parents and children arrived on Seripos Island and were rescued by fisherman Dictys.

-Adonis in Greek mythology (this is not a story that was swept into the river, but a similar story)
The gods turned Muller into a myrrh tree. Eventually, a wild boar collided with the tree, the tree broke, and Adonis was born From it. Aphrodite fell in love with Adonis. Eventually Aphrodite put her baby Adonis in the box and deposited it with the Queen of the Underworld, Persephone. Thus Adonis was raised by Persephone for a while.

Oedipus in Greek mythology (also not a story that was swept into the river, but a similar story)
King Laius of Thiva is at risk of his throne and life if his newly born son grows up by an oracle. I was told that there is. So Rios asked a shepherd to kill him. But the shepherd felt sorry for killing the baby, so he hung his child's leg and threw it hanging on a tree. A peasant found the baby and took him to his husband and wife, where he named him Oedipus.

In this way, Hata no Kawakatsu is also a person who expresses EmptinessHata no Kawakatsu is said to be the founder of Sarugaku. After the Meiji era, the development of Sarugaku became Nogaku and Kyogen.