The Great Buddha of Kamakura is Amida Nyorai, the same god as Yamantaka Daibutsu, who occupies one of the five great Buddhist kings of Buddhism In other words, the Great Buddha of Kamakura also represented Emptiness.

The Great Buddha of Nara is called Birushanabutsu, and in esoteric Buddhism it is the same as Dainichi Nyorai. The incarnation of Dainichi Nyorai, Fudo Myo, also has a Kongosho. In other words, both Kamakura and Nara represent Emptiness.

Dainichi Nyorai is considered to be the main body of all Buddha Bodhisattvas, and is equated with Amaterasu Omikami. In other words, all Buddhist gods point to EmptinessAmaterasu Omikami is a god that appears in Japanese mythology . worships as a god. Ise Jingu is famous as a shrine.