In a survey of gang members, it was found that those who join gangs as adults have one thing in common: they were brought up without sufficient parental love and affection during the period of personality development from birth to age 20. The same common denominator can be seen in men and women who become delinquents in their teens. Other factors include being from a poor family or having been discriminated against because of one's region of origin or nationality. The deeper root of this problem is that when a person who grew up without love has a child, he or she does not know how to give love to the child, and the child grows up lacking love, leading to a vicious cycle of delinquency.

In Prout Village, there are no people in poverty, and therefore, all parents have enough time in their lives to love their children. This problem is unlikely to occur, but if there is a clear lack of affection in a family, this can manifest itself in the form of delinquency in the child, and if this happens, the local government can take care of the child and afford to have another substitute parent raise the child. This is possible because everyone has free access to housing and daily necessities, and can afford to live.