From around 4700 BC to around 2900 BC, Beniyama culture and other areas have also excavated statues that touched the chest and thick lower body.

A dragon tiger drawn with shells embedded in it has been found in the Seisui Haiseki site of Yangshao culture around 4400 BC. In the image below, the dragon is on the left side of the skeleton and the tiger is on the right side. Since the dragon appeared in the creation myth of the Bai tribe in China, it was concluded that the dragon is also a symbol.

Since Gobeklitepe, Jiroft culture, and Vincha civilization are geographically close, it can be inferred that the symbols were inherited. Since common symbols such as goddess statues and zigzag patterns were seen in China and Japan, it is thought that there were already symbols and beliefs. That leads to the Mesopotamian civilization, which is said to be the oldest civilization in the world.