In 2008, there were about 9,400 homicides by guns in the U.S., compared to 11 in Japan, but the population of the U.S. was about 2.4 times that of Japan. If there are weapons, there will inevitably be conflicts. This is also true for a country, and if you have bombs and fighter planes, there will always be war. Deterrence by military force, such as nuclear weapons, is only a temporary relief; in the medium to long term, tensions will continue to rise, equipment will be increased, and eventually something will trigger a war. The timing for disarmament will be when all the countries of the world have established Prout Villages, and each country will simultaneously burn their weapons into the electric furnaces of the local governments.

Most of the inhabitants of the countries at war do not want to go to war, and Prout Village will be a place for them to settle. It also becomes a place for refugees and immigrants. In this way, the number of people caught up in poverty, conflict, and war in various regions will gradually decrease. As people living in peaceful countries move to Prout Village, more and more people around the world will understand how to build peaceful societies and will have more time and energy to live. The atmosphere of the society will change in a positive direction. In the end, there will be dictators and politicians left to hang on to power, and the Prout Village will surround them. In the end, the dictators and politicians who cling to power remain, and the Prout Village surrounds them. However, the leaders of the country are encouraged to move to the Prout Village, and the problem is resolved peacefully through non-violence.