At Prout Village, we will build an underground tunnel that integrates electric wires, communication cables, and access points, and use solar power generation and other means to provide electricity underground. One of the sources of this power is the surplus power from the roof-type solar power generation of each household. Surplus power from each household will be collected through the electric lines under the road to the local government management office (ICT, electricity, water), and the power not used there will be supplied to the underground tunnel through the underground parking lot. In other words, by collecting surplus power, the municipality itself becomes a large power plant.

Surplus electricity from households will then be supplied to the underground tunnel through power lines and used to recharge electric vehicles. Power facilities around the world will be connected by electric lines in the underground tunnel, and eventually surplus power in areas where the sun is shining will be supplied to areas where the sun is out during the night. The local government's control room (ICT, electricity, water) will then coordinate the power in the underground tunnel.