There is a story of Adam and Eve in the Old Testament, but similar stories can be seen in Africa and elsewhere. Next is from Genesis in the Old Testament.

river flowed out of the garden of Eden and moistened the garden. God put a man ( Adam in the Garden of Eden and said. "You can take the fruit from any tree in the garden and eat it, but you must not take it from the tree that knows good and evil. If you take the fruit and eat it, you will surely die."

After that, God also made and placed a woman ( Eve ) . The woman is told by the snake, "She will not die if she eats the forbidden nuts." The woman who believed it eats nuts with her husband ( Adam ) . Then they found out that they were naked and wrapped fig leaves around their waists to hide them. God expelled the two who broke their promise from the garden of Eden. After that, they gave birth to Cain and Abel, and thus increased their offspring.

In Polynesian Hawaiian mythology, a myth similar to this story of Adam and Eve can be found.

The first garden created by the god Kane had fruits and animals. All fruits and animals except the sacred tree were available to Kum Hoam ( the land of origin ) and his wife. Only the fruits and bark of this sacred tree were forbidden, but they broke the law and were banished. A large white albatross drove them away.

In Hawaii, missionaries from the United States and Britain began to spread Christianity in the late 1700s. Hawaii's own religion was banned in the 1800s. Until then, creation myths had the same common patterns as in other parts of the world. similar story can be found in the Ashanti people of West Africa.

Men and women came down from the sky, just as the pythons that settled on the Bosungmul River once did. This couple had no children. At one point, the pythons asked them if they had children. And she replied that they didn't have In this way the first child was born, she said, she would let the snake get her pregnant. The python sprayed water on their bellies, muttered something, and then told them to go home and lie down with them.And they made Bosungmul their ghost And all the men handed this ntro to their children.