It is said that Naiku was enshrined in Ise in this year.

The width of the stairs and the height of the eaves of the inner shrine of Ise Jingu are also the ratios that can be created when the two golden ratios are overlapped.
Ise Jingu_Naiku Masaden 01

The plan view of Naiku is just the size of the golden ratio. The conclusion is that Shinto, where the golden ratio can be seen, is also a belief that worships Emptiness.
Ise Jingu_Naiku Masaden 02

There is also a tree worship at Ise Jingu. The Misoma Hajimesai, which cuts out the cypress that will be used as the material for the Shikinen Sengu, and the hinoki, which is called Okihiki, are from the Isuzu River to the Naiku.) And the event to carry to Geku. This material is called Goshinboku. In other words, he worships trees.