Federalism is a system in which the World Federation and the states clearly share the authority. The capital of the World Federation is the municipality where the president lives. The capital of the World Federation is the municipality where the President lives. If necessary, the World Federation enacts the World Constitution and conducts business of legislation, justice and administration. Like municipalities, the World Federation also has organizations for administration, medicine, food, manufacturing, and design, and operates on a larger scale than states. However, these organizations of the World Federation are also created if necessary like the states, and if the operation is completed in the local government, there is no need to create them.

World Federation (Ministry)

State Department

Local government (department)

・General Affairs Department (administrative matters related to local government management)

・Medical and Food Department (medical, food, and agricultural matters)

・Manufacturing Department (manufacturing of general daily necessities)

・Design Department (Resource survey, infrastructure design, local government design such as location of housing and farmland)

As for legislation, judiciary, and administration, power is often decentralized through separation of powers, etc. What should be understood here is that the heads of states participating in the World Federation are personalities who have been elected by local governments. In other words, the World Federation is a group of personalities, and there is no abuse of power there. Also, it is assumed that many problems will be solved by the local government, so the problems to be solved by the World Federation will be limited. The person elected by the five town councils of the local government will be connected to the President of the World Federation.