Prout Village will proceed with the project in three major stages until the establishment of the World Federation.

Phase 1: Design (dome house, 3D printer, daily necessities, etc.)

Phase 2: Construction of local governments (domestic and international)

Phase 3: Establishment of the World Federation

The design procedure of the municipality is as follows at present.

・Determine the location of Prout Village, prioritizing the areas where rivers are nearby and water intake is possible.

・Looking at the site and using satellite imagery, determine the layout of the houses and plan how many houses can be built there.

・Determine the location of the multi-purpose facility that will be the center of the town.

・Determine the location of roads.

・Determine the location of the water intake and plan the water supply system under the road.

・Determine areas for plant and bamboo cultivation and cemeteries.

・Once the design is finalized, the residents will start building their houses.

・At the same time, a nomination election is held to select the leader of each department and the representatives of the General Affairs, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, and Design Departments.

・This is how Prout Village begins its operation.

In the second phase, groups and individuals who want to build their own municipalities will come to the first Prout Village and learn how to build their own municipalities in a few days. Trial classes are provided for this purpose. A fee will be charged here to continue the project.

In this second phase, we will be recruiting supporters to live with us in Prout Village, and we will also invite street dwellers in Japan to move in if they wish. It is estimated that there are about 4555 people living on the streets in Japan as of 2019. A single Prout Village can provide relief for all of Japan's street dwellers.

In addition, speed is the key to building around the world. Therefore, each country will have its own Prout Village as a temporary capital, and the people of that country will be responsible for the construction of that country. The first Prout Village in Japan will serve as the standard for building local governments in each country.

In the third and final stage, the World Federation will be established to govern the world, and regions where self-sufficient societies have not yet been established will be provided with information on how to establish such societies, and the people of the world will be connected through self-sufficient societies.

(1) Establish a world federation 

(2) Clarify the lines between states

(3) Construction of underground tunnels inside and outside the states.

(4) Continue to build local governments