The Norse mythology of Scandinavia in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland is contained in two books called Edda. The old one is written up to 1056, and the latter one is written up to 1640.

Edda's creation myth is as follows. In the old days, there was no heaven above and no land below, just a bottomless ocean and a foggy world, and one pond overflowed in that world. To the south of the foggy world was the world of light. When water vapor sprang up in the sky and clouds formed, the clouds gave birth to a frost giant called Ymir and his clan, and a cow Audumbla. Born from Audumbla, the human-shaped god married a giant daughter and made three brothers , Odin, Vili, and Vé. Here, too, we can see the commonality of the birth of a god from Emptiness and the giant.

Odin is said to have invented the runes, an ancient Scandinavian script. Runes were used in Scandinavia until around 1500.

The Germanic language is one of the Indo-European languages. The next upper letter is the rune, and the lower letter is the Germanic language.