The next animal on the left in the relief of Mesopotamia is the lion-headed eagle-body Anzu. The person who is fighting this Anzu is also a symbolic existence. The reason is that Aeon also hangs a lightning bolt called Kongosho, which he holds in both hands, on his chest.

anzu & ningishzida

Kongosho on the chest of Aeon.

Kongosho can also be seen in the hands of Hadad, the meteorological god of Akkad in Mesopotamia (Hadad in Syria). Hadad has a fertility god that brings fertility through rain and wind, and a character that destroys nature by storms, lightning, and floods , causing darkness and death, and has cow horns on his head.

There is also a relief of Hadad riding his symbolic bull, and he holds a Kongosho in his hand.

On the left is Hadad and the winged sun. Hadad on the right also has an ax.

In the relief of Hadad on another bull, the lightning bolt of the Vajra has a long three-pronged spear on the lower side while having a lightning bolt at the tip. The three-pronged spear also has the Greek god Poseidon, who controls the sea and earthquakes, and the Roman god Neptune (Neptune).

Shiva's weapon in Indian mythology is also a three-pronged spear. In other words, these are also common symbols.

Furthermore, Sansasou also represents Sansei, the highest deity of Taoism among the three major religions of China, Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism.