The Ainu kamuy is a ritual that returns the god kamuy (Emptiness) to the heavens in the sense of praying to the god. For example, thank Kamui for bringing meat and fur as a souvenir to the human world for hunting prey, and send it back to the kingdom of God.

Kamui is a high-ranking spiritual being. Kamuy is said to live in everything from animals and plants, natural phenomena, and man-made objects. For example, Ape Fuchi Kamui in the fire. Kimun Kamui comes to the human world with brown bear Payoka Kamui, the plague god that causes fever. Wen Kamui brings disaster to humans. Pirika Kamui brings benefits to humans. Kamui Kotan represents a difficult place on the terrain. The trees used to make houses and log boats were called Shiramba Kamuyi ( tree Kamui).

The idea that Kamui dwells in all things is called eight million gods in Shinto.