Getting an intuition is a very simple act, rather than thinking it out, you just notice what comes into your mind and follow it. Intuition is prepared in your mind in an instant.

There are many great plays in sports where the body moves intuitively. The moment before the play, there is a flash of inspiration that says, "This is what I should do," and when you do it, the result is always good. Rather than executing the play, I would say that my body naturally moved. On the contrary, you cannot play well when your mind is occupied with anxiety and fear. When you are making something, it will be good if it is made without thinking. Acting and living according to one's intuition produces good results, and this is the essential way of life for all living things, including human beings, and it is also a way of life that maximizes one's natural abilities. In other words, to be stillness means to be quiet and do nothing, to let your intuition come to you, and to let things happen as they will.

If what you are working on is suitable for you, it will be easier for you to get intuition than if it is not, and your actions will naturally be confident, dignified, and attractive. In other words, it is a vocation, a suitable job. However, if you do something else, you may only be able to demonstrate mediocre abilities. In other words, if anyone can find something that they are good at, they can show off their amazing abilities. If you are curious like a child, you can easily find your vocation and the right job. Even adults can easily find them in their hobbies. In the case of a vocation or a suitable job, doing it is a form of self-expression and joy. However, in the case of vocation, there is a sense of mission that puts one's life and livelihood on the line, and one can devote oneself to giving without seeking anything in return. This is the difference between the two.