Ancient ruins may have their site designed using the golden ratio. From the same place, you may see a masonry with a notch and a vortex pattern of the golden ratio . In many cases, if the two golden ratios are aligned on the outside (roughly) ), There will be an overlapping part in the center. The width of the stairs to the temple is decided according to the overlapping part. The width of the passage, the distance between the pillars, and the size of the room may be determined according It can be seen continuously from about 10,500 BC to about 1700 BC. to the third or fourth small golden ratio that can be created in the golden ratio .

Egypt's three major pyramids around 10,500 BC.

Eridu of the Mesopotamian civilization around 5000 BC.

Ziggurat of Ur of Mesopotamian civilization.

The temple of the warriors of Chichen Itza of the Maya civilization.


Baths of Titus in the Roman Empire.


Toshodaiji Temple in Japan.


Toshodaiji Temple 01

Angkor Wat in Cambodia. 
Forbidden City in China. 
Jame'a Mosque in Iran.