People tend to think that not being able to continue is a weakness of will, but it is difficult for anyone to continue something they are not interested in. You may be able to call the opposite sex you are interested in every day, but it is difficult to call the opposite sex you are not. If you can't continue with something, just think that it was not suitable for you and move on.

If you continue, you will get bored with most things. The length of time it takes to get bored varies from person to person; some people get bored in three days, while others can go on forever and never get bored. Some people get bored in three days, some in a lifetime. If you get bored after a long period of time, it does not mean that you dislike the activity, but rather that you are satisfied with doing it once in a while, and it is time to graduate. It's like the club activities you did every day when you were a student, but after graduation, you only do them once in a while. People's interests and needs change all the time, so if you stay in the same place, you will be left behind as the world around you changes. It is a natural phenomenon that we cannot continue, that we get bored, and that our interests change, so it is important to recognize that things are always changing and to focus on what we are currently interested in.