As long as humans have an ego and the idea of "I," they put themselves first and act negatively toward others, such as anger, inferiority, dissatisfaction, shifting responsibility, and aggression. In other words, as an initiative of the local government, both parents and children should make it a habit from the time the child is young to practice stillness and learn how to control the ego. If they understand that the cause of their problematic behavior and the suffering in their lives are there, they can look at their own words and actions objectively.

Based on this premise, the local government will also work on a system to eliminate bullying. When we think about where bullying occurs, schools and workplaces account for the majority. What these have in common is that "we are forced to be in the same space with people we don't like for a certain amount of time on a regular basis," and that "when we work in groups for a single goal, those who fail to produce results are easy targets for attack. In a monetary society, it is not easy to avoid bullying because one cannot easily change schools, nor can one easily change workplaces because one does not know if one will find another job.

In Prout Village, there is no school or workplace where you have to spend most of the day with people you don't feel comfortable with. The important thing here is that parents and people around them should not force children or adults to continue doing things if they don't want to, but let them follow their curiosity and try many things even if they have to change places. When something unpleasant happens, let him decide whether he should persevere with it or avoid it. This will help them to develop the ability to take responsibility and solve their own problems. The same goes for issues such as domestic violence. At Prout Village, women and children can easily change their residence, making it easier to avoid violent husbands.

This greatly eliminates the stress created by relationships, and long-term bullying can be easily avoided by everyone. The rest of the time, there will be only short-term harassment and pranks.