All human beings are always troubled and suffering from something. All human beings are always troubled and suffering from something, and these sufferings are caused by thoughts. However, peace and tranquility comes to the stillness person inside. Then you will break free from the cycle of suffering in your life.

The problems and relationships that occur around us in our daily lives are the result of our actions and words that come from our thoughts. If we are stillness and use a moderate amount of conversation with people based on silence, we are less likely to have unnecessary problems. For example, when you meet someone you don't like and you think you don't like them, the other person may feel it before you know it. If you immediately realize that you are not good at something and become stillness, your relationship will not deteriorate.

The inner purpose of life for all human beings, as recommended by Prout Village, is to become stillness, to break out of the cycle of ego, desire, attachment, and suffering, and to be at peace.