Human beings get intuition and then express it through some technique. Intuition, flashes, ideas, inspirations, etc., may be called by many names, but the main idea is the same, and it all starts with an awareness in the mind.

And the more we work on something, the more we think deeply about it. When you are thinking out of selfishness, you are forcing yourself to find the answer, and often the idea is not good in hindsight. However, when you are thinking out of pure feeling, such as for the sake of others or the world, it is better to think it through.

After that, you will need to change your mind, but only after you have thought it through. By exhausted, I mean until you reach a point where your brain feels like it is actually twisting, until your brain is too tired to think, until there is nothing left to explore. If there are still elements within you that you can explore, you will never get the spark you really need. You always need to reach the limit of your thinking and knowledge, and when you change your mind after thinking to that point, you will have a spark in your mind to go beyond the limit.

Everyone has their own way of changing their mood, but the act of sleeping has a great effect. When your brain can't handle it anymore, or when you're tired, go to sleep. Then the information in your brain will be organized. When you wake up, your mind is clear and you suddenly have a solution. This is one of the brain's habits, but there are three stages in the brain: input, organization (stillness, spacing out), and output. People who are aware of this and use it to their advantage fill their minds with the next problem to work on before a break or at the end of the day. Then, after a break or a night's sleep, ideas will come to them. Sleeping for half an hour is fine. Sleeping is not an unproductive and unserious act, but an effective one in terms of getting intuition. The moment you take a shower, your mind becomes stillness and ideas come to you, but if you organize your mind for a time of stillness, such as a change of scenery or sleeping, your intuition will come into the space of stillness.

The best time to become stillness is when you are alone without anyone disturbing you, when you are lonely, when you are bored. Loneliness may give a negative impression of loneliness or emptiness because of the lack of friends, but loneliness is suitable for getting intuition and improving the spiritual side through introspection.