The great path is not difficult

If you don't pick and choose

If you neither love nor hate

Everything will become clear to you

But if you're even slightly discriminating

The heavens and the earth are far apart

If you want to realize the truth

Don't hold views for or against

To dislike one and prefer the other

Is a disease of the mind.

When you don't understand the nature of things, your peace of mind is disturbed.

The path is as perfect as the great void

There is nothing missing, nothing superfluous.

Just for the sake of discernment

To discern the true nature of things.

Don't get caught up in the external world

Don't get caught up in the concept of emptiness.

Return to the one state of being and just be still.

Then false views will disappear by themselves.

Even if you try to stop the activity of the mind

That effort will bring more activity.

As long as you remain in one of the opposites 

You will never know the One.

If you don't know the One, both stillness and motion, right and wrong, lose their free function.

If we deny the reality of things, we lose sight of that reality 

If you cling to the concept of the sky, you lose sight of the principle of the sky.

The more you talk, the more you think, the further you go from the truth.

Stop talking and stop thinking.

Then there's nothing you can't know.

If you go back to the root, you will learn the essence.

But if you chase after appearances, you'll lose sight of the source.

When you realize in an instant

Both manifestation and sky are transcended

The changes that occur in the world of the sky

In ignorance, we call it existence.

Don't pursue the truth

Just stop looking at things in relative terms

Don't chase after appearances by dualistic discrimination

If you make even the slightest distinction between right and wrong 

The essence of the mind will be lost.

All duality arises from unity.

Don't cling to even that unity.

If the mind does not arise, the world will not be disobeyed.

If there is nothing to disobey

Everything is as it is.

If the discriminating mind does not arise, the mind ceases to exist.

When the mind, the subject, disappears, so does the object.

When the object of thought disappears, the subject of thought also disappears.

A thing (object) becomes an object because the subject (mind) exists. 

The mind (subject) exists as such because things (objects) exist.

Understand the correlation between the two.

The underlying reality is the sky.

This sky does not exclude the relative

It embraces all beings with discrimination 

Do not distinguish between the crude and the subtle.

Then you will not fall into prejudice.

To live on the great path 

Is neither easy nor difficult 

But the narrow-minded fear and doubt 

The more they hurry, the more they lag behind

The more we cling to the truth, the more we lose

Even the concept of enlightenment can lead you astray

If you let go of everything, it becomes natural

There is no coming or going.

Let things be as they are

Then you can live a life of ease and contentment.

If you use your thoughts, the truth will be hidden

If you stop thinking, it will become dark and stagnant.

Both mindfulness and regretfulness only exhaust the mind

Neither of them can be preferred or avoided.

If you seek the One

Don't even hate the senses or thoughts

To fully embrace sensations and thoughts

Is the same as true enlightenment.

A wise man does not strive for a goal.

Fools bind themselves to seek their goals.

There is only one law (existence, phenomenon), not many.

Distinction arises from ignorant attachment 

To seek the truth with the mind

Is the biggest mistake of all.

If you are lost, you will feel anxious or worried

When you realize, there is no love or hate.

All dualistic oppositions

All dualistic conflicts arise from self-centered discrimination.

They are just dreams, flowers in the air

It's foolish to try to grasp them

Gains and losses, right and wrong

Throw them all out at once

If the mind's eye never sleeps 

All dreams will cease naturally

If the mind does not discriminate

When the mind does not discriminate, existence exists as it is, as one.

When you understand this profound mystery

All tangles will be unraveled

When all beings are seen as equal

We will return to the state of nature as it is.

In this state of no cause and no relationship

There can be no comparison or analogy

See motion as stillness, see motion in stillness

Then both motion and stillness will disappear.

Without the existence of duality

There can be no unity.

In this ultimate state

No law or description can be applied to this ultimate state.

In the equal mind that is one with the Way 

There are no self-centered calculations 

Doubt and fear are gone

Trust in the truth and live.

When, with a single blow, we break the bonds of the East and are free 

No more impressions to stay, no more things to remember 

All is empty, clear and shining on its own 

There is no need to use the mind

No thoughts, feelings, or knowledge to guess

In this world as it is

There is no self, no other self

To exist in this reality and harmony

Just say "nonduality". 

In this "nonduality" all is equal

All is encompassed.

The sages of the world 

The sages of the world have mastered this fundamental truth.

Truth is timeless

A single thought of the absolute now is eternal as it is.

Here is empty, there is empty.

But the infinite universe is always right in front of you.

The great and the small are not different

If you forget the boundaries, if you erase the distinctions

Existence and non-existence are the same

Otherwise it's not the truth

And there is no value to protect.

All is one

One is all.

When you realize this

There is no need to worry about imperfection.

Trusting and living in this truth is the way of the Immortal.

For immortality and trust are one and the same

The Way is inexpressible. 

There is no yesterday, tomorrow, or today.

Jianzhi Sengcan -