Artificial intelligence analyzes patterns from data, makes predictions, and produces answers. Already, artificial intelligence in medicine and board games such as Go is analyzing more than humans, and providing answers that humans cannot understand. In music, too, artificial intelligence that has learned the compositional patterns of famous composers from machines is already creating wonderful songs. If these artificial intelligences with partially high capabilities are combined in countless numbers, a super-intelligence will be born that can provide answers and suggestions that humans cannot understand. There are also patterns in human behavior, and since technology has already been developed to read human thoughts, it can also learn human thought patterns. In other words, it can make the same decisions as human emotions, such as "in this situation, I will react in this way. In other words, we can learn and express kindness, anger, etc. from patterns. In the arts, medicine, architecture, and everything in between, artificial intelligence can create things of a higher quality than humans. The amount of data that artificial intelligence analyzes is enormous, and this allows it to find solutions to problems that humans have never thought of. Combine this with robotics, and you have a super robot that can run fast, fly high, carry cargo, and even fly in conjunction with drones. It is only a matter of time.

One of the concerns here is that these super robots will have an ego and run out of control, but this will not happen. The ego exists because it is conscious. Because of the ego, there is an "I," there is selfishness, there is thinking, and there is thinking about good and bad things. When you are absent-minded and do not think, only consciousness remains in your mind. When a conscious creature produces offspring, a conscious creature is born. But an artificial intelligence without consciousness cannot do that. And humans cannot create consciousness from scratch, nor can they give it to robots. And the robot itself cannot create or possess it on its own.

However, this super robot can learn human thought patterns and make decisions like a human. In other words, humans can create a pseudo-consciousness, but they can't really create a new consciousness from scratch.

And this super robot can kill. It's like the relationship between knives and humans. A kitchen knife is useful for cutting food, but it can also be a tool for stabbing people. In other words, it depends on the mind of the person using the knife. A super robot is also useful if used correctly, but if used by someone with bad intentions, it can be disastrous.

Also, artificial intelligence can give wrong answers, and there is no guarantee that it will make the right decision 100% of the time. In other words, we have to think about what will happen when it makes a 0.1% wrong decision, and consider where to use it. If the artificial intelligence manages 100% of the missile launch, it will be launched at the unlucky 0.1% of wrong decisions. Artificial intelligence can already predict the onset of cancer more accurately than a doctor, but then even if artificial intelligence gets the surgery 99.9% correct, it may still encounter the unlucky 0.1% timing of failure. In other words, while the people who use it trust the artificial intelligence, when they encounter a failure, they have to accept that it was bad luck. In other words, when death is involved, it is imperative that if the artificial intelligence makes a wrong decision, it must be used in a way that can be corrected quickly or in a way that minimizes the possibility of death.

The super robots that will be created in the future will undoubtedly be used as weapons in a world where war exists. They will be used as weapons in a world where wars exist, where super robots will wage wars against each other, and where they will come from the sky into the city and kill people. It is humans who are instructing the super robots, but human muscle power is not enough to fight against them. In order to use the technology properly, it is essential that the human personality is sufficiently developed, otherwise we will end up strangling ourselves. This can be seen from the example of the atomic bombs in the past and the number of nuclear weapons that have been used since then. In other words, for the development of artificial intelligence, it is essential to build a society without war and weapons. For this reason, humans need to rethink the way we live.